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We Are Independent

Arth Vipra Finvest Pvt Ltd is an Independent Agency.

Arth Vipra Finvest Pvt Ltd is an Independent Wealth Management Agency.

We are an independent wealth management agency founded on the principle of stewardship – the careful and responsible management of your financial assets to achieve your goals now and in the future.


We work with multiple Insurance Companies

One of the benefits of working with an independent agent is that we can work with many different insurance companies. Independent Insurance Agents on average represent five to eight different insurance companies which means you have more options when it comes to your coverage. We should be able to find you a better value for your dollar than if you were on your own. We do the shopping. You do the saving. We can help find you the right blend of price, coverage, and service.


We are Licensed Professionals

You need a professional with expertise. A trusted advisor. Insurance can be complicated, but not for an expert. Our advisors are those who have the credentials to assess your insurance needs and those who have a track record of providing customers with the best deals on the coverage they need. Think about it. You wouldn’t research your will on the Internet- you’d go to a lawyer for advice about drawing up the document correctly. And if you’re looking for a home, auto, or business protection-you won't ignore the advice of a trusted advisor with specialized knowledge.


We work for you and will be your advocate

If you have a claim concern or need to modify your coverage, your agent can be your advocate, working with the insurance company on your behalf. Our team takes care of all the issues that can possibly come up and based on our years of experience we can be a strong advocate to work on your behalf. The key is to find the right agent one who understands your needs and knows how to work with the Insurance Company.


We offer a wide variety of Insurance Solutions

Your insurance needs are unique. Your insurance coverage should be too. We’ll find the best insurance solutions to fit your needs by providing a wide variety of coverage options (Since we work with multiple insurance companies). We understand that a one-size-fits all approach doesn’t work when it comes to insurance.


We are your Neighborhood friend

An independent agent is your neighborhood friend. We share the
same interests as you, live nearby, and understand what it’s like to be an active member in their community- where we are often involved with many different organizations such as sponsorship for sports teams or buying from local businesses.


We are your lifelong consultants

To help you maintain stability, we periodically review your coverage.  We are there to make sure that all of the changes in life don’t leave any gaps or vulnerabilities exposed for potential risks to occur without proper protection -from renting an apartment; buying a home; starting up a business at 50+ years old when retirement isn’t on our radar yet (or ever); getting married – these things happen! And if they do then it’s time we get some new insurance solutions tailored around what might come next and we can help you in that.

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