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About Us

Arth Vipra Finvest Pvt Ltd wide range of financial solutions.

We understand that you care about your family, business and possessions. We have the knowledge to navigate all of those unique risks so you can feel safe knowing they’re protected from anything life throws their way!


We are an Independent Financial Company

Our founder Dr. Deepti Dwivedi is a Ph.D. in commerce and an award-winning educationist with experience of more than 25 years in various academic institutes in different parts of India. She worked with leading institutes in India, right from Sathye college in Mumbai to DPS in Lucknow. In her last role, she led one of the esteemed institutes in Lucknow DPS as the Principal, and now shefocuses on helping families and enterprises get their financial plans in place.
She started ‘Arth Vipra Finvest Pvt Ltd’ in 2021, intending to help families and enterprise plan their finances better. The meaning ofthis name is “Money Expert.” Arth Vipra Finvest Pvt Ltd also has the backing of her husband, Mr. Pravin Dwivedi, who has been inthe financial industry for the last 30 years working with renowned banks like HSBC as their Senior Vice President.

Arth Vipra Finvest Pvt Ltd aims to serve the needs of individuals and enterprises in managing their finances by providing research-based distribution of world-class financial products keeping affordability in mind, and leveraging the best technology-based solutions. Arth Vipra Finvest Pvt Ltd has clients from all over the globe and is scaling up its reach using digital processes.
The inspiration to start this was Dr. Deepti’s observation; in her experience of 25+ years, she noticed some of her colleagues and parents of her students managing the finances well. In contrast, some of them struggling intermittently, especially whenever there was a significant expense. She realized that it was not the income that was making the difference but the mindset, especially when it comes to planning.
Dr. Deepti was able to link this gap since she has always taken a keen interest in financial planning and has been at the center of the action, primarily since the family is closely associated with the financial sector. Dr. Deepti’s Husband has been Senior Vice President with HSBC, managing HNIs in Mumbai and multiple regions in India throughout his career for more than 30 years.
Having such a broad exposure to finance right from the individuals Dr. Deepti dealt with, families of her students, and observing her Husband work with the HNIs closely; she has designed a unique approach to get the best of all these worlds for her clients.
Unlike the run of the mill financial advisory, our focus is not to sell any financial products. Our focus is to understand our client’s unique life goals and help our clients navigate through the multiple financial products with different options to choose from. With Dr. Deepti’s life experience and learning, our team is confident we will share various options to help our clients plan and achieve their life goals in the long run.

Why work with Arth Vipra Finvest Pvt Ltd ?

We at Arth Vipra Finvest Pvt Ltd are passionate about helping families and enterprises plan their finances well. And we love to see the future secure for you!


Financial Advisor

With a "Ph.D. in Commerce and Life"



Of Senior Vice President from global MNC Bank


Highly Ethical

Words and promises are respected


Reputation to Protect

Takes ages to build reputation but a moment to loose it


Financial Planning

On Enterprise Level


Family Financial

Financial security of a family is everything

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